Saturday, May 17, 2014

Guide to Eat Japanese Ramen

You a fan of ramen? The typical Japanese meal consists of soup broth, noodles, and various stuffing. In Indonesia, has been getting a lot of ramen stalls and restaurants, especially in Jakarta and Bandung.

Photo of Ramen | Japanese Food | Culinary.

Well, consider the following tips from Chef Hideki Chomei about eating ramen. Especially if you plan to eat ramen directly in its home country, Japan. Chef Hideki Chomei is original Japanese and is currently a chef at the restaurant Nishimura Hotel Shangri - La Jakarta.

According to Chef Hideki, delicious or not the taste of ramen is located at soup broth. The second assessment lies in the noodles. For the broth itself, there are three types of fish, chicken, pork.

"Every city in Japan disparate flagship soup. There is his favorite. Example, there are disposable fish broth. And usually not mixed. If chicken broth can be mixed with pork broth, because it feels fit., But if the fish stock is definitely not mixed or chicken broth pork broth, "said Chef Hideki.

Typically, Chef Hideki Further, fish broth will be strengthened with the taste of seaweed. While the chicken broth too many stalls that sell plain, without any mixture of pork broth.

For the noodles very diverse kinds. Once again, the use of noodles hanging from each restaurant mainstay. There are various types of noodles, ranging from different sizes and shapes, which form large or small, curly or straight. Other noodles are noodles with egg and noodles without eggs.

"Kuah where mixed noodles which depends on its origin, the town where and stalls where. Bede different. Sure, noodles and soup should be fit, " said Chef Hideki.

As for stuffing or topping can vary, ranging from a variety of vegetables such as leeks, mushrooms, spinach, until the seaweed. Then the soft-boiled eggs and a variety of chopped meat.

Broth or soup, some are present in a variety of flavors. This is a soup that has been given extra spice. Again, according to Chef Hideki, this also depends on the area of ​​origin of the ramen.

Additional seasoning for soups are typically three or zodiac that is seasoned with salt, shoyu or soy sauce is salty Japanese, and a Japanese seasoning miso or soy. Generally, fish broth flavored with shoyu fitting. While the chicken broth fitting zodiac.

"If miso fitting with chicken and tonkotsu (pork broth)," said Chef Hideki.

Ramen other types also exist that use beef broth sauce. But there is also a broth made ​​from various mixtures of materials. Broth was also distinguished from the concentration of the broth. One thing is for sure, a famous ramen shop is largely determined by the broth sauce.

"So if you eat ramen, so should be vacuumed, until the sound. So get in the same noodle broth," said Chef Hideki.

Another thing why should eating ramen until it especially when eating noodles aspirated manner is a form of homage to the chef who made ​​it. If reads, mark the delicious ramen.

Chef Hideki suggest first eating ramen, choose a basic menu ( basic ) are usually available on the menu of ramen. The basic menu contains plain broth and noodles, as well as stuffing a green onion, seaweed, and boiled eggs.
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Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Tips for Tourists To Be Loved by Local People

Tips for Tourist to be Accepted by Locals

Close interaction with the local people can make the holiday more exciting. Unfortunately, not all tourists can be accepted either. For that, use the following 5 tips to be able to interact closely, even loved by the local residents.

Tourist Interaction with Local People
Local people selling Sate+Lontong | Indonesian Food.

Compiled from a sources, here is 5 tips to be loved by local residents:

1. Learn their habits

Of course, each region has a habit or tradition embraced by local residents. By studying habits, without the need to ask you already know or could style like the locals, such as how to eat, drink, or even how to speak. It is guaranteed to make you easily accepted.

2. Adaptation in Dressing

Although traveling with short pants and sleeves more comfortable. However, you better wear clothes that appropriate to the outfit that commonly used by the locals. For example in the Middle East region, although the air temperature there tends to heat, almost all locals wear closed clothes. Wrong in dressing, you may be presumed that you do not respect them.

3. Open-minded with The Local Culture

Another thing that is not less important is open your mind to the local culture. Never underestimate the local culture. Although you think it's weird because you are not yet familiar. Respect in ways, not mocking, and pay attention to the culture there. The more you seem interested, the more change for you to be accepted by the locals.

4. Talking/Chatting with Locals

If you want to be well received, make sure you interact or even chatting with the locals. Talking or chatting is one of the easiest way to be accepted by the local residents. The more friendly, the more likely you are accepted.

5. Be Polite

The last, be polite. Not only in vacation spots, polite attitude is very good to do anywhere. Everyone will accept a new person if they are being polite, is not it?

I hope these 5 Tips for Tourists To Be Loved by Local People can be helpful for you who want to travel to another countries or place with different culture.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips for Traveling to India

Want to travel to India? Author of Efficient Traveling Around India and Nepal, Yuliani has some tips for the first-time traveler to India, based on her experiences traveling around India and Nepal for two months.
Taj Mahal India
Photo of Taj Mahal, India

Safety Tips for Trips/Traveling to India

  1. Do not let others/strangers know, that is your first time to India. It is like telling you that you do not know anything about India, so it seems easy to be deceived.
  2. Do not 100 percent following the traveling guide book, because a lot of information is changing rapidly. Will be better, find information directly from locals or tourists who are traveling. If you would like to inquire about the directions, ask one question at least to three people so you can consider the answers.
  3. Get used to pay with the exact fare. If paying with cash more than the price, it is possible, the excess money will not be returned.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask for help to the authorities. Keep the numbers that can be contacted, such as the local police, embassies, or tourism center.
  5. Establish friendships in every area you visit, so that when somethings not desirable happen, anyone can help us. We can build friendships before arriving at the destination through communities which provides a host family in various destination countries, including India.
  6. If you want to ask local residents, greet them with the word "Mr." or "Mrs." so that they are more willing to help you. Using the word "Mr." or "Mrs." gives the impression that you respect them.

Learn a few words in India, because the locals would prefer and appreciate if you could speak the Indian language, although only a word or two words. Hope these Tips for Traveling to India can help you for preparation before your trip to India. Have a nice trip. :)
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tips for Travelling During Rainy Season

"Traveling" When Rainy Season? Why Not!

traveling to museum during rainy season
Tourist arrivals in the National Museum, Jakarta, Friday (04/10/2013). One of solutions for traveling in rainy season.
Do not block your intention to travel although the weather seemed to not support. Simply look at a few things so that when traveling remains enjoyable.

Identify destinations would you want to go

If your travel destination is a tropical country, it has been ascertained at the end of the year is the rainy season. Find out in the rainy season tourist destination that you want to go.

Alternative tourist attractions

If you take a trip during the rainy season, you do not get stuck in the hotel all day because of rain. Make plans tourist attractions that can be visited when it rains. Including secure access to the venue. Museum, for example could be an option. Transportation such as taxis necessarily better when it rains.

Weather forecast

Find out the weather forecast in tourist destinations. How is the weather prediction. If the predicted heavy rains with strong winds, you'll want to be in the hotel alone or in a room.

Flooded areas

It is also important to determine whether your intended travel destination is prone to flooding. If yes, then be careful. Do not be reckless though you can break through the flood on foot. It could even you sick.

Bring umbrellas and raincoats

Nothing wrong you bring raincoats and umbrellas that fit inside a small purse. You better bring it than the rain on the street.

Keep Your Stamina & Health Body

Usually when travelling during rainy season, time to rest even less sleep. As much as possible you still sleep 6-8 hours a day. Keep the stamina to continue eating a variety of fruits especially. Do not miss breakfast. If necessary, you can take vitamins.
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Advice for Cheap and Attractive Travel

Want to Travel Cheap and Attractive? Here the tips.

Vacationing is not necessarily expensive. The important thing is to enjoy, increase knowledge, familiar with family, and effective stress relief. Follow the following trick so that you can save money and enjoy the ride interesting.

1. Perform Survey

Many people traveling on tour, but confused as to their destination. It happened because before departing they do not seek out the city or country to be visited. In fact, these tourist attractions can certainly be seen on the internet or in the tourist books. Surveys via the Internet or preparation far in advance is very important because you can find out if there are discounts or rebates, ranging from airline tickets or hotel. Or look for souvenir shopping affordable as traditional markets.

2. Don't Forget The Money

Do not until you run out of money while on the go. So, make sure to have enough money so you do not get confused. Certainly not to spend it all. You have to keep an eye on spending to record it. At the same restraint and responsible for what is already spent.

3. Tickets

Make sure you obtain tourism information as possible. Start checking out cheap ticket prices or promos. If you are not sure of the price, check back every few days, who knows there is a decrease in price. When the price drops immediately make reservations. If the departure is still a long time, do not forget to write them down.

4. Choose The Comfortable

Travelling by plane is much faster, but it costs more expensive. However, if you enjoy taking road trip car, this would be a fun option. During the trip you can enjoy the view and increase knowledge about the area.

5.Not in the Holiday Season

Travel costs will be lower if not go on when the holiday season, or at the beginning and end of the holiday. Additionally, if you enjoy the atmosphere that is not too hectic for many people, this is the right time. Going on holiday season, making tourist spots filled with many people.

6. Services Guide

In addition to looking for a good hotel, see also the room rate, who knows there is a special offer, such as stay two nights, get one night free. Or spa services free for those who have already booked a room. Your holiday will certainly definitely a lot more interesting.

7. Hire a Car

It is better to find data about the area first to be visited. One of these modes of transport, for example, from the airport to the hotel. Who knew there was a bus that passes through your hotel. So, no need to pay expensive for a taxi. To save costs, you can rent a car for travelling. Lots of car rental providers that promote low prices. You can freely choose to ask for references from hotels or friends who 've been there.

8. Meticulously Picking

Pick sights really unique, nice, and there is his trademark. Do not let you go to a place that is not attractive, less attractive people, and it is expensive. You might not enjoy, but instead disappointed.

9. Hunting Direct

The souvenirs could seem trivial, but it could not hurt you to buy as a memento if you've been to these places. Traditional markets or directly to the manufacture of hunting, it has its own impression. Besides can see directly how to make it, the price is usually cheaper, than when it entered into the gift shop.
Ayana Resort in Bali
Travelers enjoy a holiday at AYANA Resort and Spa, Jimbaran, Bali, Saturday (06/22/2013). Hotels business in the tourist area of ​​the beach is still promising because in some coastal areas in Bali such as Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa still attracts tourists both domestic and foreign.

10. Vacation Interest

No need to force yourself on holiday abroad. A lot, really, the places in Indonesia awesome and not less interesting with abroad. Or even holiday in the city where you live.
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Advice for Traveling Solo / Alone

"Traveling Solo" Also Can Be Enjoyable!

Traveling solo can be boring and even horrible. However, when you know how to enjoy it, traveling solo can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. Here are seven advice or tips for traveling solo experience that is fun, quoted from CNN Travel sites.

1. Love yourself 

Traveling solo will make you more like the fellow traveler, namely yourself. Moments when traveling solo is apt to know yourself more deeply.

2. Time to be selfish

When traveling solo, you can decide everything at will, without having to compromise with others. No one will ever forbid you to go to a museum or simply enjoy the evening entertainment. It is a precious thing that will make your trip full of freedom and adventure.

3. Confident

The primary key of a solo traveling is always look confident, even though the reality is not always so. If you are confused direction and would like to see a map or guide book, pull over at a place that is not too obtrusive.

4. Wary of the dangers

Danger can come anywhere, even when you are at home. Strange place indeed not always more dangerous than his own hometown. Statistics show only, little traveler is exposed to a serious incident. However, being alert is still needed to avoid the danger.

5. Allow time for dinner out

The idea to spend dinner alone may be terrible for some people. The best thing about taking time for dinner while traveling solo is that you can focus on the plate in front of you while busy with his own thoughts. This activity also it can become a place to find new friends.

6. Never too busy with social media

Today, social media has become part of everyday society. When traveling solo, resist the urge to share all good little story about your solo trip on social media. Focus your attention on the circumstances around you, and enjoy the atmosphere. That way, there will be more stories to take home.

7. More expensive and more valuable

Traveling solo may require a higher cost. There are no friends to share the cost of lodging or food. However, the pleasure gained by having its own time without having to compromise with others, it is more valuable than the amount of money you spend for traveling solo.
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Tips for Traveling to Redang Island in Malaysia

Want to Vacation in Redang Island, Trengganu, Malaysia? Consider These Tips

If you want to vacation in Terengganu, Malaysia, it feels incomplete if not visit Redang Island in the South China Sea coast. The beauty of soft white sand and the vast expanse of blue sea can certainly make your vacation more enjoyable. Fatigue after visiting several places, immediately paid off when presented a panoramic view of the island. Well, if you wish to visit the island, There are several things to note that the maximum of your holiday. Moreover, Redang has now become one of the mainstay tourist in Terengganu. Therefore, a lot of tour operators that offer services for travelers who want to get there. Typically, they use the area as a transit Merang Jeti dock towards the island. In fact, if you arrive in Terengganu by bus, the operator can pick you up to take up Jeti Merang. Arriving at Jeti Merang, you then need to board a ferry to reach Redang. Ferry costs $ 50 for adults Malaysian ringgit and 35 ringgit Malaysia for children under seven years old. The journey will take for approximately one hour before until the goal.
Laguna Redang Island Resort, Trengganu, Malaysia
The atmosphere at Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia ~ photo:
The best time to the beach usually is in the morning and evening. So even if you want to visit Redang. You should also try to be on the beach at around 6:45 in order to be able to feel the sensation of panoramic sunrise over the South China Sea waters.

Redang Island Accommodations

What about accommodation? Do not worry because the operators are usually already working with resorts along the coast. Call it Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa, Redang Island Resort, Redang De ' Rimba, Redang Holiday Spa and Resort, Redang Mutiara Beach Resort to Laguna Redang Island Resort. Squid jigging own festival participants had the opportunity to taste the Laguna Redang Island Resort for lunch. Upon arrival at the resort, you will usually be picked up by a small bus belonging to resort to the destination. However, if you want to walk away is also not a problem because it only takes about 10 minutes. Laguna Redang Island Resort provides a total of 222 room facility with room types standard, deluxe garden view, deluxe poolview, deluxe seaview, seaview premiere, and lagoon suites. Internet access is also available in the lobby and restaurant, as well as throughout the meeting room of the resort. Just like other resorts, one of the mainstays of Laguna Redang Island Resort is a sandy beach of the South China Sea. In addition, the resort provides the facilities for snorkeling can also be done at night as well as outdoor activities such as jungle trekking and nature walk in the hills behind the hotel was.
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