Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips for Traveling to India

Want to travel to India? Author of Efficient Traveling Around India and Nepal, Yuliani has some tips for the first-time traveler to India, based on her experiences traveling around India and Nepal for two months.
Taj Mahal India
Photo of Taj Mahal, India

Safety Tips for Trips/Traveling to India

  1. Do not let others/strangers know, that is your first time to India. It is like telling you that you do not know anything about India, so it seems easy to be deceived.
  2. Do not 100 percent following the traveling guide book, because a lot of information is changing rapidly. Will be better, find information directly from locals or tourists who are traveling. If you would like to inquire about the directions, ask one question at least to three people so you can consider the answers.
  3. Get used to pay with the exact fare. If paying with cash more than the price, it is possible, the excess money will not be returned.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask for help to the authorities. Keep the numbers that can be contacted, such as the local police, embassies, or tourism center.
  5. Establish friendships in every area you visit, so that when somethings not desirable happen, anyone can help us. We can build friendships before arriving at the destination through communities which provides a host family in various destination countries, including India.
  6. If you want to ask local residents, greet them with the word "Mr." or "Mrs." so that they are more willing to help you. Using the word "Mr." or "Mrs." gives the impression that you respect them.

Learn a few words in India, because the locals would prefer and appreciate if you could speak the Indian language, although only a word or two words. Hope these Tips for Traveling to India can help you for preparation before your trip to India. Have a nice trip. :)


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