Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Advice for Cheap and Attractive Travel

Want to Travel Cheap and Attractive? Here the tips.

Vacationing is not necessarily expensive. The important thing is to enjoy, increase knowledge, familiar with family, and effective stress relief. Follow the following trick so that you can save money and enjoy the ride interesting.

1. Perform Survey

Many people traveling on tour, but confused as to their destination. It happened because before departing they do not seek out the city or country to be visited. In fact, these tourist attractions can certainly be seen on the internet or in the tourist books. Surveys via the Internet or preparation far in advance is very important because you can find out if there are discounts or rebates, ranging from airline tickets or hotel. Or look for souvenir shopping affordable as traditional markets.

2. Don't Forget The Money

Do not until you run out of money while on the go. So, make sure to have enough money so you do not get confused. Certainly not to spend it all. You have to keep an eye on spending to record it. At the same restraint and responsible for what is already spent.

3. Tickets

Make sure you obtain tourism information as possible. Start checking out cheap ticket prices or promos. If you are not sure of the price, check back every few days, who knows there is a decrease in price. When the price drops immediately make reservations. If the departure is still a long time, do not forget to write them down.

4. Choose The Comfortable

Travelling by plane is much faster, but it costs more expensive. However, if you enjoy taking road trip car, this would be a fun option. During the trip you can enjoy the view and increase knowledge about the area.

5.Not in the Holiday Season

Travel costs will be lower if not go on when the holiday season, or at the beginning and end of the holiday. Additionally, if you enjoy the atmosphere that is not too hectic for many people, this is the right time. Going on holiday season, making tourist spots filled with many people.

6. Services Guide

In addition to looking for a good hotel, see also the room rate, who knows there is a special offer, such as stay two nights, get one night free. Or spa services free for those who have already booked a room. Your holiday will certainly definitely a lot more interesting.

7. Hire a Car

It is better to find data about the area first to be visited. One of these modes of transport, for example, from the airport to the hotel. Who knew there was a bus that passes through your hotel. So, no need to pay expensive for a taxi. To save costs, you can rent a car for travelling. Lots of car rental providers that promote low prices. You can freely choose to ask for references from hotels or friends who 've been there.

8. Meticulously Picking

Pick sights really unique, nice, and there is his trademark. Do not let you go to a place that is not attractive, less attractive people, and it is expensive. You might not enjoy, but instead disappointed.

9. Hunting Direct

The souvenirs could seem trivial, but it could not hurt you to buy as a memento if you've been to these places. Traditional markets or directly to the manufacture of hunting, it has its own impression. Besides can see directly how to make it, the price is usually cheaper, than when it entered into the gift shop.
Ayana Resort in Bali
Travelers enjoy a holiday at AYANA Resort and Spa, Jimbaran, Bali, Saturday (06/22/2013). Hotels business in the tourist area of ​​the beach is still promising because in some coastal areas in Bali such as Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa still attracts tourists both domestic and foreign.

10. Vacation Interest

No need to force yourself on holiday abroad. A lot, really, the places in Indonesia awesome and not less interesting with abroad. Or even holiday in the city where you live.


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