Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Advice for Traveling Solo / Alone

"Traveling Solo" Also Can Be Enjoyable!

Traveling solo can be boring and even horrible. However, when you know how to enjoy it, traveling solo can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. Here are seven advice or tips for traveling solo experience that is fun, quoted from CNN Travel sites.

1. Love yourself 

Traveling solo will make you more like the fellow traveler, namely yourself. Moments when traveling solo is apt to know yourself more deeply.

2. Time to be selfish

When traveling solo, you can decide everything at will, without having to compromise with others. No one will ever forbid you to go to a museum or simply enjoy the evening entertainment. It is a precious thing that will make your trip full of freedom and adventure.

3. Confident

The primary key of a solo traveling is always look confident, even though the reality is not always so. If you are confused direction and would like to see a map or guide book, pull over at a place that is not too obtrusive.

4. Wary of the dangers

Danger can come anywhere, even when you are at home. Strange place indeed not always more dangerous than his own hometown. Statistics show only, little traveler is exposed to a serious incident. However, being alert is still needed to avoid the danger.

5. Allow time for dinner out

The idea to spend dinner alone may be terrible for some people. The best thing about taking time for dinner while traveling solo is that you can focus on the plate in front of you while busy with his own thoughts. This activity also it can become a place to find new friends.

6. Never too busy with social media

Today, social media has become part of everyday society. When traveling solo, resist the urge to share all good little story about your solo trip on social media. Focus your attention on the circumstances around you, and enjoy the atmosphere. That way, there will be more stories to take home.

7. More expensive and more valuable

Traveling solo may require a higher cost. There are no friends to share the cost of lodging or food. However, the pleasure gained by having its own time without having to compromise with others, it is more valuable than the amount of money you spend for traveling solo.


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