Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tips for Traveling to Redang Island in Malaysia

Want to Vacation in Redang Island, Trengganu, Malaysia? Consider These Tips

If you want to vacation in Terengganu, Malaysia, it feels incomplete if not visit Redang Island in the South China Sea coast. The beauty of soft white sand and the vast expanse of blue sea can certainly make your vacation more enjoyable. Fatigue after visiting several places, immediately paid off when presented a panoramic view of the island. Well, if you wish to visit the island, There are several things to note that the maximum of your holiday. Moreover, Redang has now become one of the mainstay tourist in Terengganu. Therefore, a lot of tour operators that offer services for travelers who want to get there. Typically, they use the area as a transit Merang Jeti dock towards the island. In fact, if you arrive in Terengganu by bus, the operator can pick you up to take up Jeti Merang. Arriving at Jeti Merang, you then need to board a ferry to reach Redang. Ferry costs $ 50 for adults Malaysian ringgit and 35 ringgit Malaysia for children under seven years old. The journey will take for approximately one hour before until the goal.
Laguna Redang Island Resort, Trengganu, Malaysia
The atmosphere at Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia ~ photo:
The best time to the beach usually is in the morning and evening. So even if you want to visit Redang. You should also try to be on the beach at around 6:45 in order to be able to feel the sensation of panoramic sunrise over the South China Sea waters.

Redang Island Accommodations

What about accommodation? Do not worry because the operators are usually already working with resorts along the coast. Call it Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa, Redang Island Resort, Redang De ' Rimba, Redang Holiday Spa and Resort, Redang Mutiara Beach Resort to Laguna Redang Island Resort. Squid jigging own festival participants had the opportunity to taste the Laguna Redang Island Resort for lunch. Upon arrival at the resort, you will usually be picked up by a small bus belonging to resort to the destination. However, if you want to walk away is also not a problem because it only takes about 10 minutes. Laguna Redang Island Resort provides a total of 222 room facility with room types standard, deluxe garden view, deluxe poolview, deluxe seaview, seaview premiere, and lagoon suites. Internet access is also available in the lobby and restaurant, as well as throughout the meeting room of the resort. Just like other resorts, one of the mainstays of Laguna Redang Island Resort is a sandy beach of the South China Sea. In addition, the resort provides the facilities for snorkeling can also be done at night as well as outdoor activities such as jungle trekking and nature walk in the hills behind the hotel was.


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