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Guide to Eat Japanese Ramen

You a fan of ramen? The typical Japanese meal consists of soup broth, noodles, and various stuffing. In Indonesia, has been getting a lot of ramen stalls and restaurants, especially in Jakarta and Bandung.

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Well, consider the following tips from Chef Hideki Chomei about eating ramen. Especially if you plan to eat ramen directly in its home country, Japan. Chef Hideki Chomei is original Japanese and is currently a chef at the restaurant Nishimura Hotel Shangri - La Jakarta.

According to Chef Hideki, delicious or not the taste of ramen is located at soup broth. The second assessment lies in the noodles. For the broth itself, there are three types of fish, chicken, pork.

"Every city in Japan disparate flagship soup. There is his favorite. Example, there are disposable fish broth. And usually not mixed. If chicken broth can be mixed with pork broth, because it feels fit., But if the fish stock is definitely not mixed or chicken broth pork broth, "said Chef Hideki.

Typically, Chef Hideki Further, fish broth will be strengthened with the taste of seaweed. While the chicken broth too many stalls that sell plain, without any mixture of pork broth.

For the noodles very diverse kinds. Once again, the use of noodles hanging from each restaurant mainstay. There are various types of noodles, ranging from different sizes and shapes, which form large or small, curly or straight. Other noodles are noodles with egg and noodles without eggs.

"Kuah where mixed noodles which depends on its origin, the town where and stalls where. Bede different. Sure, noodles and soup should be fit, " said Chef Hideki.

As for stuffing or topping can vary, ranging from a variety of vegetables such as leeks, mushrooms, spinach, until the seaweed. Then the soft-boiled eggs and a variety of chopped meat.

Broth or soup, some are present in a variety of flavors. This is a soup that has been given extra spice. Again, according to Chef Hideki, this also depends on the area of ​​origin of the ramen.

Additional seasoning for soups are typically three or zodiac that is seasoned with salt, shoyu or soy sauce is salty Japanese, and a Japanese seasoning miso or soy. Generally, fish broth flavored with shoyu fitting. While the chicken broth fitting zodiac.

"If miso fitting with chicken and tonkotsu (pork broth)," said Chef Hideki.

Ramen other types also exist that use beef broth sauce. But there is also a broth made ​​from various mixtures of materials. Broth was also distinguished from the concentration of the broth. One thing is for sure, a famous ramen shop is largely determined by the broth sauce.

"So if you eat ramen, so should be vacuumed, until the sound. So get in the same noodle broth," said Chef Hideki.

Another thing why should eating ramen until it especially when eating noodles aspirated manner is a form of homage to the chef who made ​​it. If reads, mark the delicious ramen.

Chef Hideki suggest first eating ramen, choose a basic menu ( basic ) are usually available on the menu of ramen. The basic menu contains plain broth and noodles, as well as stuffing a green onion, seaweed, and boiled eggs.


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